Programming has now been officially ‘cool’ and every kid wants to do it. Probably because good skills in this field has produced a couple of dollar millionaires and billionaires over the past couple of decades.

There are however too many programming languages and one might find a hard time deciding where to put the effort and where to look for the next big thing.

I have prepared a list of five favorites that I think might shed some insight. Note that this is a personal opinion and if you disagree ‘respectfully’, you are welcome to share your opinion in the comment section.


My personal favorite since Jan 2018. The A class programming language when it comes to statistical analysis.

R challenges you not to just think as a tech dude but bring out the analytical ninja in you and believe you me, you’ll surprise yourself.

What I like about R is that it has loads of packages that enable you to do some high end ninja stuff. I particularly like it graphing capabilities with packages like ‘plotly’, ‘ggplot2’. The ‘twitteR’ package works awesomely for Twitter Analytics.

R also plays well with RDBMS data (having used it a lot with PostgreSQL) and other types including files. You can also connect R with BI systems like Tableau which is just heavenly. If you are into statistics and analytics, you definitely want to be peaking.


The people who know me will be like ‘WTF! You are not a python person!’

That is true, I am not a python person. I however have used it and I have to say it is a great language when it comes to data science too. Pandas are just universally epic! You’ll also like sci-py and numpy.

You can also do lots of other stuff in python. E.g. You can use Python in Blender, a 3D animation and design software. Python also has amazing web frameworks FLASK & Django.


This had to be here! My all time favorite good guy C++.

It’s a bit hard to learn and you have to write a lot of line of code (some of my friends hate that about it). For the python freaks who just like seeing indented code 😆 welcome to the world of messy lines 😆

C++ is super powerful and used in a lot of fields like: embedded systems, operating systems, video game development and a whole lot more.

Most of Facebook’s back end services have been written in C++. They also use HipHop to compile PHP into C++.


Another language that I have found myself using of late. I haven’t completely learned a lot in Scala but from the few tricks and magic that I have done, I can say it’s a pretty awesome language. I have used it while trying out Spark in Apache Zeppelin Notebook. People out there have high praise for it when it comes to big data.


The language I don’t like but due to circumstances can’t live without. I never saw myself doing even a ‘Hello World!’ in javascript. I however have had life force me to adapt and part of my life has been a series of hazarding survival techniques.

I am not expert here but from what I have seen, you definitely want to know a lot of shit about this baby.

There are a lot of other awesome languages out there like Ruby, Golang, Perl, PHP, Java, Haskell, Lisp and literally tens of others. I however haven’t done any ‘real’ work with them of late or ever and can’t offer comments.

Have fun geeking 🙂

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My name is Patrick. I am a Linux Ninja (DevOps) | Data Analyst | Network Eng | writer. I live the Linux life and dream in R and Scala. I am an aspiring author with my first two books on the way. In my free time, I play WIFI

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