There is always this grace about a well cared for machine. All the dent -less curves, the shining polished surfaces, it’s like hanging out at the beach with a group of super models. The sad thing that, just like people, machines age too and just like people, it’s a lifestyle thing. You won’t be super sexy if all you do is eat burgers, you have to take care of yourself. That way too you have to take care of your toy babies.

Here are a couple of things that you can do to keep your babies young and beautiful.

Clean and Dust

Dust is your computer’s enemy number one. It makes it slow and lousy (just like a  nagging spouse :lol:). Make sure to clean up using alcohol solution regularly. Computer hygiene is important too.

Pack neatly and safely

Most people usually pack computers they way they pack clothes, just putting it in anywhere. Get a nice fluffy bag for your laptop.Always pack the screen side lying on your back to minimize the impacts of being hit. But other peripherals in a different compartment to avoid damage to the delicate parts.

Don’t use your laptop in bed or on pillows

I get it, you’re lazy and so are we. But placing a laptop on these surfaces blocks the fan and causes overheating which over time can cause damage.

Keep your computer away from magnets

Computer hard drives have magnetic platters which are destroyed when a hard drive is in the vicinity of strong magnetic forces and this renders the data stored in these hard drives irretrievable.

Don’t eat near your computer

I know work can be super hard and then your brain starts asking for it’s daily rations of wings and nuggets. This is a sin that a lot of people including are very guilty of. It sometimes ends up with me placing cups on top of my closed laptop or doing something very stupid and sometimes some very universally epic shit can happen and it won’t be very nice for you.

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My name is Patrick. I am a Linux Ninja (DevOps) | Data Analyst | Network Eng | writer. I live the Linux life and dream in R and Scala. I am an aspiring author with my first two books on the way. In my free time, I play WIFI

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