Learning new languages is one of my favorite activities. Languages are beautiful and complex. When learning a particular language, it’s not only about the speaking itself, it’s also about the culture and the societies associated with that particular language. A lot of people only know how to speak one language by the time they’re grown ups, the lucky ones like us from Africa can speak a minimum of three languages by the time we are around 7 years old.

Internet tools

With the growth of the Internet, all services are continually becoming more accessible, ‘just a click of a button away’, they call it. This is also becoming true in regards to languages. Learning a language can be expensive especially if you have to pay instructors and all that. But do you really need to? The Internet already has enabled interactive learning with both video audio and gamified content. There are some services tking advantage of this to provide you with an affordable learning opportunity.


Duolingo is one of these services. It is a language learning platform that includes a website and an app. Duolingo boasts of a huge collection of language courses. All the courses are offered for free and are super easy to follow. The android app is available on android, IOS and Windows.

Duolingo uses really good techniques to teach. First you’re introduced to a list of new vocabulary and taught how to apply them. Then you’ll also do interactive activities like translating simple phrases and matching words to their meanings.

Learning a new language is super fun, learning it using tech takes the whole experience to a whole other level. Have fun learning new stuff.


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