The minute you download Google Chrome browser on your device, a sinister voice says “Look at me. I am the allocation space now”!… Usually followed by an evil laugh. You can purge it from your computer but it means nothing!.. Why? Chrome browser remains to be one of the best browsers in the world. Additionally, no browser is perfect. Mozilla Firefox is known for it’s massive CPU hog while Internet explorer lacks essential features and plugins.

So why is Chrome browser such a glutton? Looking at your task manager, chrome. exe sheer number of processes and the memory they hog will probably make you drop your jaws(the mask style ?). While web browsing has become more complex (most of what you do on your PC takes place in your browser), we still agree our RAM’s¬†should be able to handle all that. Chrome splits tabs, plugins and extensions into it’s own processes meaning that if one plugin or extension crushes, it doesn’t bring down all your tabs at once. This can lead to high memory usage.

The browser also has a pre-rendering feature, meaning web pages load faster but this in turn eats up more memory. It’s also known that some web pages may leak memory which doesn’t get cleaned up when done using it,therefore causing higher RAM usage.

To curb all these memory hogs, you can either lower chrome’s RAM usage or buy more RAM (provided you have a desktop computer or the money). The former is more convenient. Start by opening chrome’s Task Manager by pressing Shift+Esc on a Windows PC. This will in turn show you how much memory tabs, plugins and add-ons are taking up. This gives you an idea of where to start “purging ” junk out your memory. Some extensions can be added on your browser to clean up your memory or others to close numerous tabs that have been opened over time.

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