I normally don’t watch romantic movies but the few ones I have watched always end up with the couple having a nice ‘sex song’. Sometimes it’s so catchy that it even makes you horny just hearing it. Thinking back to those moments, I can now understand the chemistry. Code and background music is the most perfect combo.

Nowadays I mostly code in R or Scala and this particular languages require me to think statistically (especially R). In this context music is a distraction and I usually prefer silence ot the perfect sounds I have set up on noisli.

There are times however I have to do a bit of SQL, HTML & CSS and bash scripting. While these still require me to think, the kind of thinking involved is pretty music friendly.

I have set up my ‘play’ station (work desk) in a way that I am sandwiched in between two super tallboys and a 32″ screen in-front of me. I turn off the lights at my place, get the playlist set up and it’s down to line town all night.

I have all types of playlists, from my metal playlist, German rap, Kenyan music, Swahili music etc. The metal one for example is for nights when I am anticipating super fast coding. I do this when I am working with something that I am very familiar with. The soft slow music (e.g. The Civil Wars or classical music like Mozart or Beethoven) is perfect for when I want to make beautiful poetry with my code. This is perfect for projects I am passionate about.

Coding is way more awesome this way and I don’t have to pretend I can’t hear people calling me because I really can’t 😆

It was a bit difficult at first as I would occasionally write my lyrics on the Editor once in a few minutes. But once I got the groove, coding is like sex and the music is our sex song.

Perhaps I should try doing it butt naked too 😀

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My name is Patrick. I am a Linux Ninja (DevOps) | Data Analyst | Network Eng | writer. I live the Linux life and dream in R and Scala. I am an aspiring author with my first two books on the way. In my free time, I play WIFI

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