The end is here!… naah, the end is NEAR for our smartphones!

A decade ago, our constant digital companion that absorbed the capabilities  of the PC, camera and the rest that you can think of was born and now has reached the height of its power. Smartphone innovation is coming to a screeching  halt… they are saturated with clever features,most of you probably didn’t even know, and there’s just not that much more stuff to add into a smartphone.

The next big thing replacing the smartphone is… (drum roll please)… Wearables? Nope! it’s hard to fit enough processing power and battery life into something like a smartwatch. Besides, the screen is never going to be big enough on any wearable for it to be our primary link to the digital world.

The only primary candidate fit to replace smartphones is augmented and virtual reality (AR & VR). Distantly meaning smartglasses will make a huge comeback. To accelerate the rise of augmented reality, facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg unveiled the Camera Effects platform which is basically a set of tools for developers to build augmented – reality apps. He used easy to wear, standard looking glasses as demo to show how you could have an augmented (virtual)  “screen” in your living room, bigger than your biggest TV set!

Smartglasses will then usher in the mind reading tech that Facebook announced. An idea of wearing a computer on your face and being okay with facebook intermediating everything you see and hear, glitches and all.) Zuckerberg demonstrated this by showing off a street art installation that’s just a blankcwall until you wave the facebook camera app over it to reveal a mural.

In the long run, we all have to usher in an age of a new kind of computing (Microsoft and Apple is reportedly working on prototypes)… Where our relationship with technology is more intimate.

FYI: The featured image represents facebook’s roadmap to AR & VR

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