Pushing into the market for original streaming video series, Facebook inc announced Watch, a platform that allows people to see episodes of live or recorded shows using a dedicated tab.

The new platform will be available on desktop, and Facebook’s apps for Android, iOS, and TV but to a limited group of people in the U.S. before expanding to all users. Content will vary from regular themed shows to live events and sports broadcasts with a feature that allows users to comment, react and connect with other users while watching a show and to subscribe to series so new episodes appear in a personalized “Watchlist.” One of the shows would be a live broadcast per week of Major Basketball League.

Additionally, there would be sections like ” What’s Making People Laugh” featuring videos which more ‘Haha’ reactions, “What Friends Are Watching,” and a “Most Talked About” section for trading stuff.

The people-powered platform will also be paying some creators to craft original shows for the Watch tab though  the funding is in the initial phase after which the company would take a 45% cut from content creators on ad revenue, the primary source of their income.

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