If you are a previous Ubuntu user who has just started with centOS, the first thing that hits you is that Ctrl + Alt + T doesn’t open terminal.

For me, this had already been hardcoded in my brain as the way to get my terminal open and I was too god-damn lazy to get adjusted.
No worries though, it is pretty easy to set your favorite shortcut and move on to doing your CLI gymnastics.

Simply go to settings. In CentOS, there are two easy ways to go to settings:

One is by clicking the volume icon on the top right corner4 of your screen and selecting the icon that looks like a spanner and a screwdriver.
The second one is by going to Applications > System Tools > Settings.

Under settings, select keyboard.
Scroll down until you see the + sign and click on it.
It will open the add custom shortcut window.
Fill in the following:
Name: Terminal shortcut
command: gnome-terminal
Click on ‘set shortcut‘ and press Ctrl + Alt + T or any other combination that you want.
Save your shortcut and you’re all done.

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