A while ago, someone asked me to fix up their IDM. For those who do not know IDM, It is a software that allows you to download stuff from the Internet including YouTube. I mentioned it in an article a while back.

The problem was the IDM extension being incompatible with the browser. I fixed it for them but then it hit me how many people I’ve had to do that for, so I decide to write about it. We are constantly upgrading our browsers but somehow we seem to forget about IDM. You always have to keep your IDM updated, even if you are using a cracked one, update and re-crack.

Currently, try to be at least on version 6 point something. Then, you need to work on the extension. You can enable extensions in Mozilla by going to the menu thingie at the far top right and clicking on add-ons and then selecting extensions. You can then look for IDM extension and enable. If it refuses to enable (and this usually happens to those with outdated versions), here’s how you do it. Just google idmcc and select the top result. Install the idmcc extension for your browser version. In most cases, there are two options. one for version 50 and below and another for the newer versions.
After you’re done installing the extension, restart your browser and you can continue enjoying your IDM perks.

Have fun :-).

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