I had lots of fun learning about all these hacks… Mainly because i enlisted the help of a couple of female Instagram users. Just so you know, i was up, close and personal with them ?.

Anyway, Using some hidden features, you can use Instagram as a photo editor, add/remove filters, download photos and videos in batch, drive traffic to your website, and many more to make the best out of this photo sharing service. ( Good for business you think huh?). Anyway, let’s cut to the chase! :

  1. Get full-size Instagram images on desktop

    The size of images being shown to you on the Instagram app and website isn’t the original one. You can download the full scale image by opening the Instagram of the image in your web browser. At the address bar, remove the part “?taken-by” and the characters following it. Add “/media/?size=l” to the URL and hit Enter. This will open the full size image from the Instagram servers. Right click and save the image.

  2. Upload photos from your computer

    This hack is certainly for a professional photographer or a maintainer of a company’s social media account. Unfortunately, Instagram can be accessed in web browsers, but it doesn’t come with the upload picture feature. Additionally, Instagram’s Windows 10 client only lets you upload pictures if your PC has a touchscreen display and a rear camera, which is only possible in the case of a Windows 10 tablet. The only option left is to emulate Android using blueStacks or use Remix OS and install Instagram on it without violating Instagram’s  company terms by using third party apps.


  3. Download multiple Instagram photos and videos at once

    Visit Insta-downloader.net,a website that lets you paste the URL of a photo or video from the address bar of your browser and hit the Download button. It’s also lets you download the complete user album of Instagram photos and videos instantly.

  4. How to repost Instagram pictures

    You have probably noticed that Instagram doesn’t let you share other people’s posts on your account. To repost the Instagram pictures, you can use a popular app called Repost. Only available for iOS and Android and doesn’t work for private profiles. After installing Repost app, you need to open the Instagram app, find a picture and click on the three dots in the top right of the post. Now, select Copy Share URL option. Open the Repost app on your Android or iOS device. The copied Instagram URL will automatically be imported. Click on the post to continue and explore the given options to customize the Repost watermark. After this, simply tap the Repost button which will start the export process and open the picture/video in Instagram’s editor. Now you need to follow the usual Instagram steps to share the post.

  5. Turn Instagram images into ASCII art

    Weirdly, Instagram saves ASCII text versions of the images on its servers. To see these versions, after opening a full-size image as mentioned in step 1, you need to add .txt to the URL to get a plain ASCII text version of the picture. Add .html to get a colored ASCII HTML.

  6. Adding paragraphs to Instagram captions in iOS

    In the iOS app you can’t  add line breaks or paragraphs. In iOS Instagram app, in place of the Return button, there are # and @ symbols for adding hashtags and adding people. To use the Return key to add paragraphs and line breaks, you need to tap the 123 button and switch the keyboard format. Now you can locate the Return button in the bottom right, which can be used to add line breaks. To add new paragraphs, add a period or some other punctuation on each line.

  7. Drive traffic to your website by URL changing

    You can’t add links on your instagram captions, an attempt by the company to make sure that users don’t leave the app. Instead, you can add links to your bio and share a couple of posts, their captions referring people to the link on your bio.Instagram drive traffic to website

     Got more hacks and tricks? Kindly Comment below

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