Whenever I visit hubs or just see people hanging out working, it bugs me how many people really don’t know how to take care of their computers.

On the other side, here I am giving my computer a cute name and all 😆 (she’s actually pretty old and groans like a timber cutter). We are constantly using our computers yet very few people even dream about servicing them.

This is the reason our machines are failing too early. You might argue that they don’t make them durable anymore but we are still being crappy around them.

Here are a bunch of things to do:

Always service

Treat your computer like your car (even if you’re a peasant like me and you don’t have one :lol:)

Always do some service after a period of time. Mostly the common routine of blowing off the dust and checking all the components. Do a basic diagnostic of all the hardware and see if everything is working.

Fix what you can and replace what you can’t.

Don’t  .eat near your computer!

I don’t know how many times this has to be said but people just keep ignoring it. Everywhere you go, you will find people eating near their computers. Sometimes I just feel like politely asking them to line up and then slapping them out of their ignorance.

Dust and food particles can easily mess up your keyboard.

If by mistake you get some of it on your keyboard, unplug your keyboard from your computer. You have to first:

  • shut down your computer,
  • look for any screws in the back that have a keyboard label. You have to unscrew them before you can start removing the keyboard.

Aft6er removing the keyboard, gently shake it, use compressed air to clean between the keys. Moisten a cloth with alcohol and use it to clean the top keys.

NB: Don’t pour the alcohol directly onto the keys.

You can now reconnect your keyboard.

BIG NB: Keep liquids away from your keyboard.

Keep your environment clean

Especially if you use a mechanical mouse. You want your environment clean or your rotating parts might get sticky. Also regularly clean your mice with rubbing alcohol, it will help with the sensitivity. The important part is to allow all the parts to dry before reassembling them.

A clean environment equals a clean healthy computer.

Always keep your computer cool

Computers generate a lot of heat and it is imperative that the cooling system works. Placing your laptop on soft surfaces like pillows, blankets does a great deal of harm by blocking the fan. Always make sure that the fan area is not covered.

If your computer gets too hot, you can even get extra coolers to place it on. If you use a desktop, open the compartment door once in a while to get some airflow in there.

Safe transportation

This applies to portable computers. Most people carry their laptops like it is a bag of kale. Get a good compartmentalized backpack and arrange all your stuff in a good manner. This will minimize the chances of your laptop being physically harmed in transit.

Well, that’s it, you can add more ideas in the comments. Have a nice day.

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