I am sitting here sipping soda looking at all the stuff I have amassed over the years. Am sandwiched in between my lovely tallboy speakers Klaus (on the left) and Ulrich (on the right). A music video is playing on my 32″ Sony Tv (Katya) which acts as my monitor connected via HDMI to my Lenovo laptop (Natalya) or more populary known as miss Lenovo.

Behind Katya is my lovely Jua energy BT speaker (Walter), next to Katya is my lovely Red Dragon Centrophorus mouse (Takashi) and the Tegrax gaming pad (Watari). There are a whole lot of toys in here and I know all of them by name (I gave them the names of course!). Yep! I am weird like that 😆

But why go through all the trouble? It freaking fun for starters. It good for inventory especially when I am trying to decide if I forgot anything. I know Takashi and Watari are usually packed next to each other. Natalya stays alone in her compartment and then Amani (the fan) stays next to Kanji (the keyboard). Packing is usually a fun process, it’s like an elderly woman counting all her kids 😆

Naming my toys also helps me appreciate and take better care of them. I never miss servicing or doing software updates whenever necessary.

This is why I think it’s a good idea to name your toys, they are your tools of trade. If farmers are allowed to name their livestock, what’s wrong in naming a laptop or a speaker. Of course you shouldn’t take it too far like falling in love or marrying your toys but naming them is kinda cool.

I usually have a crazy imagination of how each of them would look like if they were a person.

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