Have you ever heard of writers complaining of writer’s block? Some say it doesn’t exist but as much as the existence of it is debate able, there’s no denying its symptoms. There comes a time when you just can be creative and all that comes into mind is a bunch of old monkeys fighting at the bar.

This doesn’t only happen to writers, it happens to everyone. At one given point, every Jack, John and Joe suffers from brain laziness. Sometimes it’s a result of fatigue and being overwhelmed but sometimes it’s just about the mood setting. If you don’t believe me, try having a romantic time with your spouse while listening to WhiteChapel’s ‘Somatic Defilement’. It simply isn’t gonna work.

But worry not as I the custodian of all great things of the tech genre comes bearing gift. This gift comes in the form of sounds, background sounds (Notice the way I said that, it’s kinda the same way James Bond says it, ‘Bond, James Bond’ :lol:)

Now I know there are a lot of sound apps out there and believe me I have tried a lot of them. So when early this year my boss told me about this great Noisli, I was like ‘meh!’ But then as I was waiting for a query to run, I decided to check it out and boy is it amazing!

A default productivity sound straight out of the box if you’re looking for a good working sound. The sounds are just fucking great! You are also create your own custom sounds including only what makes you feel comfortable and even control the volume. The qualities are super good.

Best part! No installing! You just ruin it from a browser and here comes all your eargasms 😆

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My name is Patrick. I am a Linux Ninja (DevOps) | Data Analyst | Network Eng | writer. I live the Linux life and dream in R and Scala. I am an aspiring author with my first two books on the way. In my free time, I play WIFI

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