It’s a sad and hard time for the Android community as Remix OS, the product that turned Android into a true desktop experience, complete with floating windows, is discontinued.

Well Jide, the developers of remix OS, have decided to pull the plug on the program and focus solely on the enterprise. Reason being over the past year, they received tons of inquiries from the enterprises, making them realize the role they can play to revolutionize the operation of the businesses. This means  Jide is canceling any and all devices, both present and future including the already concluded Remix IO. To make matters worse, Jide supposedly had another 2-in-1 tablet planned, as well as a true all-in-one PC. But perhaps the most disappointing loss would be Remix OS for Mobile, a.k.a. Singularity. This would rival the likes of Windows Continuum and Samsung DeX, turning any smartphone into a portable desktop.

Luckily, if you made purchases via Jide’s online store or if you already backed these products via Kickstarter, a full refund will be issued, starting from August 15th. But hey, we got alternatives to Remix OS, though not better. Samsung’s Samsung DeX, just like Remix OS, presents users with a familiar desktop interface and can alternately present apps in windowed form or full screen. One limitation about Samsung DeX is it is very hardware dependent. That is, at the moment, it only works on the Galaxy S8 and S8+ and only if you dock it into the DeX Station. No other combination is known to work. Hit up Google to check other alternatives like phoenix OS, MaruOS, and Google Chrome OS.

We wish Jide a good run in their future endeavors.

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