I have been working on several writing projects in the last couple of weeks. One of my major concerns was backup since I am not new to the pain of loosing valuable data when I least expect it. I thought of many tools and lastly I settled on using Google Drive (my first idea was dropbox but mine is full).

Uploading the folder with all the files in it was super easy. The problem was, I keep updating my text files a lot, sometimes even more that 20 times a day. In the past, I had only used Google drive to upload new docs,could I set it to do a simple folder sync like dropbox?

Turns out it is totally possible and I have somehow been living in a hole for a long time. It is super easy to set Google drive to auto sync.

  • Simply go to Google drive and select settings. Download backup and sync, I guess it auto detects which OS you are using.
  • Once downloaded, run the application and wait for it to finish downloading and install. This should only tke a few minutes.
  • Once installed, you have to sign in with the email that you use for your Google Drive.
  • After that, select the folders (in your computer) that you want to be synced in Google Drive.
  • After carefully selecting, click start to apply and start syncing.

Have fun 🙂

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My name is Patrick. I am a Network Eng | junior dev | techie | writer. I am an aspiring author with my first two books on the way. I am also a community wireless networks enthusiast actively involved in deploying one in Kibera, Nairobi.

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