For those who know me, they are familiar with something that I say always, ‘All that I know, I taught myself’. Which is actually true but also untrue in a way. Now, swimming in the wisdom of my 22nd year of living while sipping cinnamon tea, I trace how I evolved into ‘The geek who is always learning’.

First Timers

My first brush with tech was somehow similar to that of my first kiss. I had no freaking idea what the hell I was doing. I had spent considerable time reading about it but I was still as clueless as in the beginning. Also, just as my naive kissing mate, the computers offered no easy way around it either.

Seduced by the thought of playing GTA all day, I brought my A game to that computer and by the end of the day I had managed to troubleshoot and fix a few issues here and there. I was 12 years of age at that time.

Since then, I have evolved into many things e.g a junior dev in love with C++, a Cisco Network Engineer, a 3D design fan and noob, a bunch of a lot other stunts up until now where am currently functioning as a Linux Ninja and Data Engineer (not forgetting resident magician :-)).

For a self taught engineer, I lack one important thing, I don’t have a home Internet connection. I have had to device very witty learning methods to maximize on the limited Internet resources that I access while at work or the expensive packages I buy once in a while. regardless, I can say am pretty proud of where I find myself right now.

Learning how to learn

I did say that the phrase ‘I taught myself everything I know’ is a bit untrue. Because I have picked up something from a few people on the way. In 99% of the time, It was never anything technical. My interest was always studying how other people learn and try to improve my own techniques.

I first learnt how to learn from other people in first year of uni. It was to be the only useful thing I got from my stay there after dropping out of the Bsc Computer Science program. I then set up to find a niche for myself in a complicated mashed up world too complex for a 19 year old.

Being an East African kid, I was a bit behind on the tech game so the first play was catch up. Studying the past in order to comprehend, the present in order to catch up and visualizing the future in order to be extraordinary. All this while pulling off 16 hours a day as delivery guy in town. I learnt more during this period than any other in my entire life.

Flash forward to the present. I still invest more time in learning how to learn than the actual technical bit of the job. I have cut my learning time by more than 50% and still look towards the day when I will cut the remaining 50% in half. In the past six months alone, I have comfortably mastered a lot of new technologies that I even amazed myself.

What am I thankful for?

I am super happy that I am no longer the smartest person in the room. Knowing myself, I like to be the smartest person in the room so this drives me to get to the master level only for the fellows to pull a hard one on me again.

I like the constant rush against time, the fulfillment of ticking new technologies as conquered.

Finally, I am the thankful for the insatiable appetite I have for books. I have literary read the entire local library, my entire home library and am almost done on the workplace library.

I train my brain to always consume new information but not just that, I train it to apply it on the go.

I am proud to be a geek who is always learning 🙂

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My name is Patrick. I am a Linux Ninja (DevOps) | Data Analyst | Network Eng | writer. I live the Linux life and dream in R and Scala. I am an aspiring author with my first two books on the way. In my free time, I play WIFI

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