Last week I did an article on Redragon coming to Kenya and I was pretty hyped about the fact that we can now buy toys locally. I haven’t had that much experience with their toys due to the importation barriers I was talking about earlier. However, I own a Redragon Centrophorus mouse which i have been using for a while almost a year so i decided to review it. You might like it.

The Redragon Centrophorus M601 is the right tool for a gamer who values quality but is on a tight budget. It comes with a beautiful sleek design which will definitely please your eyes. But as we all know, a mouse is not made up by looks is it? The Centrophorus has other things to boast of.

6 buttons

It has 6 buttons (yes six!), your thumb gets two programmable buttons on the side. The DPI button is placed right above the MWB and is pretty responsive. With this kind of setting, say bye to misclicks.

2000 dpi

Speaking of DPI settings, it has 2000dpi. For those of us who like playing on the lowest available dpi settings, you can do a quick switch from 1000-2000 dpi using the dpi button. It has 3 modes.

Adjustable weights

The mouse has eight .4 gram weights located at the bottom. You can remove the weights to allow quicker motion. You just have to play with them until you find your favorite setting. I like mine with all the weights, i simply find it too light without them.

Nice build and red backlight

It has a nice design which is friendly for your arm and wonttire you out. It also has a nice red backlight that makes it look sexy in a way.

6ft Braided cable

One of the worst things you can have happen to you is have your mouse wire get faulty or wear and tear. The centrophorus has a nice 6ft long braided wire.

Teflon pads

The mouse has durable Teflon pads on the bottom to enable fast sliding.


It is definitely not the best mouse in the scene but for it’s price (I got it for $15 on Amazon), it is definitely worth it. Accompanied with a good mouse pad, this mouse will give you a peek into the world of good performance.

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