Some time back, Patrick did an awesome article on how to use Spotify in Africa and other restricted regions.

The service provides a free, ad-supported version, which begs the question. Why Should you pay?? Here are top 5 reasons to pay for Spotify

No more shuffle-only mode in mobile

Spotify’s free version forces you to listen in shuffle mode on your phone. An upgrade gives you the ability to to play any song you want on your phone. This means that you can listen to a selection of your favorite songs on that bus ride home without a song you don’t like jumping into your playlist.

Unlimited skips

Gone are the pains of skipping songs when listening to a shuffled selection of songs with Spotify’s free service. Premium Spotify lets you skip as many songs as you like.

Double your bit rate

Spotify Premium allows you to bump up streaming to 320 Kbps, which makes for better, more detailed audio output if you use high-end headphones or speakers. This is compared to the Normal (96 Kbps) or High quality (160 Kbps) in the free version.

Listen offline

This one is my absolute winner 🙂 Spotify Premium lets you download up to 3,333 songs so you can listen when you are away from the Internet or just want to cut down on your data usage. You can also download all of the songs you’ve saved to your library with one tap. Go to Your Library > Songs and tap the Download toggle switch to download all of the songs in your library.

Avoid Bluetooth

Spotify Connect allows you to connect your phone running the Spotify app to Spotify Gear, from speakers and TVs to cars and computers. This saves you from the painstaking process of Connecting to a Bluetooth speaker.

The premium Spotify will cost you $10 a month. I do think of it as a great bargain worth checking out.

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