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The web is so full of websites that sometimes it can get tricky choosing which ones to visit. At the time of writing this, there are 1,860,208,730 active websites according to Internet live-stat and the number is rising by the millisecond. This can make it a bit difficult to find good content, it’s like literally looking for a microscopic needle in a giant field of haystacks.

I however in my absolute glorious goodness 😆 have seen it in my infinite wisdom to make a list of some of the awesome websites that you should at least check out on a daily basis.

The cool guys:

Stack Overflow

Part of the lots of Stack Exchange sites (All of them are basically Q & A sites). Stack Overflow is a den where developers can share their knowledge and learn while having fun. I owe the site for some of my most genius solutions this year having been given a couple of really good pointers. The good thing is that you get points for your contribution!

Other sites include: AskUbuntu, Meta etc.


This is another Q & A site but it isn’t restricted to developers. You can ask or answer a lot of questions on topics ranging from Quantum Mechanics, Education, Philosophy, Time, Love, Fashion and thousands of others.


Reddit is pretty popular. It is a social news aggregation and discussion site. Members contribute content which is then voted up or down by other members.


Apart from viewing all your pushed work, you can look and view other people’s projects and if you like them enough give them starts. You can also fork repositories and contribute to other projects that get your creative juices flowing. Git is used as a version control technology.


I am humble enough not to put us at the top 😆 Of course as you already know, we are the best when it comes to portraying the crazy tech stuff in a noob friendly lingo. We also give out free goodies like candy if you run into us anywhere 😆


Everyone has that epic writer hidden in their lazy self. Medium provides you with the opportunity to be hard and hear others’ thoughts as well. Get your daily dose of the best creative writing and perhaps stain some parchment up there as well.


Now this is a paid website. Now I know that word ‘paid’ looks scary and you’re probably gonna skip it anyway but I tried this website sometime last year and it was worth it. A lot of content on vital life skills and life hacks that will trully change the way you do things. From self and time management to the step by step guides, it’s a great place to start your mornings!


These are just but a bunch of the awesome websites which provide you with the daily nutritious sustenance of needed knowledge and fun. Have fun with your online adventures 🙂



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