Yes! You heard that right! I’m probably so happy i could shit rainbows! (you should too, if it was hard for you to choose between Windows and Ubuntu as your default OS). More insanely, you can use Ubuntu in Windows 10 leveraging Ubuntu’s terminal features and utilities without switching between the Operating Systems.

Earlier, to run Ubuntu as a subsystem in Windows 10, developers had to manually download binaries from Canonical’s servers after enabling developer mode which from the sound of it was pretty hectic. Ubuntu on Windows gives users access to Terminal and it’s popular utilities like ssh, git and apt.

This comes after Redmond partnered with Fedora and OpenSUSE developers to bring Linux distros to the Windows Store and Windows’ subsystem, with OpenSUSE Leap 42 and SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 arriving on the store earlier last month.

To install Ubuntu,enable the Windows Subsystem for Linux option by heading over to Control panel> programs & features > Turn Windows features on or off. When the box opens, tick Windows subsystem for Linux checkbox and click OK to restart. Then download Ubuntu from Windows Store here.

However ,with the current version being Ubuntu 16.04, you won’t be able to get the GUI (Graphical User Interface) BUT a quick hack for this would be to load an Ubuntu ISO on a virtual machine.

Anyway, let’s continue with the happy dance! 

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