For a year now, YouTube has been testing YouTube chat, a feature that allows you to share YouTube videos with people and chat with them without leaving the app with the advantage of eliminating the need of copying the video link and sharing it through some other app. Basically, you won’t need to head over to other apps like Facebook  Messenger and Whatsapp whenever you want to share a YouTube video! Additionally, you can chat with your friends on YouTube, a feature that might help Google establish their name in the world of messaging apps after Allo didn’t go well as expected.

This feature is only available in YouTube for Android and iOS and not on smart TV’s. To use YouTube chat :

Update YouTube and find a new ‘Shared’ tab next to Subscriptions tab. Tapping the same would open a new screen where you can invite your contacts to use the chat feature. Tap View Contacts > View All to displays a list of your YouTube connections. These are the ones whose email is registered in your Google Contacts. Under the Add Contacts section, you can see Find in phone book option to add the people present in your device’s contact list. The invitation to these people is sent via SMS. Once a contact accepts your invitation, their name would appear under the Shared tab. Tap the name to open the chat interface where you can send messages and videos.

How about sharing videos?

Tap the overflow menu button (three dots) and tap the Share option and then select the person. You also use the Share option while a video is playing.

Lucky enough, YouTube chat is not limited to one person.  You can add more people and make a group by tapping the overflow menu button in the top-right corner of the chat screen.

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