It’s a common misconception that YouTube pays its users (artists) depending on the views on their videos. Well, I hate to break it to you but you’ve been wrong all this time!

The truth is you can’t tie your video views to dollars. Advertisers on YouTube like Coca-Cola and Uber only pay when someone clicks an ad embedded in a video or watches it for 30 seconds. This simply means that if your video gets 10 million views but nobody watches or clicks the ads, you don’t make any money!

On a positive note, you can collect money outside YouTube from sponsored content and affiliate sales ( where people need to be pushed from your YouTube video to a specific link then you get a lifetime percentage from a portion of sales from that customer).

A good way to capture a random YouTube user is by making your videos to be on the front page of YouTube’s search results when they are searching for specific search keywords. By this, you’ll capture a huge amount of traffic, views and subscribers organically forever!. You need to make videos of specific things.

YouTube pays around $1 for 1000 views, therefore ad revenue isn’t where the big money is (though if you start to build a backlog of videos, 1000 videos are achieved easily daily). “YouTubers” can make hefty sums of money through sponsors and such.

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